Inauguration of the Thunder-OM

Join us August 1st from 9pm until dawn for Inauguration of the Thunder-OM: A Burning Man Themed Dance Party A Celebration of the births of Laura Ruby and Jamie Jack and fundraiser for Meditation Deathmatch

$5 for parking, full cars free. to encourage carpooling and because we have limited space… otherwise, please park sparsely in the neighborhood & walk quietly & politely to our property 🙂

*** Fire Spinning ***
*** Aerial Silks ***
*** Meditation Deathmatch ***
*** Live Painting ***
*** Visuals by Rob Hybrid & Dr. Strangevibe***

Meditation Deathmatch is a game where we put EEG’s on two players to read their brainwaves. We ask them to show us their war faces. Then we find out who can relax harder.

This year will be the project’s first appearance at Burning Man. Proceeds from the event will go to set construction and transportation to the playa.

::::::::::::::::Music Line-Up::::::::::::::::::::::


* Sunray Project
9pm – 10pm

*PolyMyth (Omar Chow)
10pm – 11pm

* Beeble Steepler (Jared Buchbaum)
11 pm- 12 pm

* Mr. Boogie Bones
12 pm- 1 am

*Maestro (Michael Matson)

* Buck Fuddy
1:15am – 2:30am-ish

* Ram-Z
2:30am-ish – ?

Om Shan Tea Lounge:

We have transformed an old shack into a magical tea lounge where there will be sexy, mellow music and a beautiful goddess serving up some tasty tea!!

* Erika Maassen & Rhonda Roberts vs. You’ns & The All Y’alls
9pm – 10pm

*The Wave Farmers
10pm – 12am

*Jason McKenzie (Percussion), Exstus (Guitar), Omid (Didgeridoo), and friends jam sesh
12pm – ?


*This is in the woods, there are mosquitos! Bring your hippy spray or bust out the deet, them suckas ain’t playin!

*There are also plants that want to make you itchy and give you rashes. Please stay on the paths and don’t go on a magical adventure behind the caution tape or into dark, heavily wooded areas.

* 18+ only

* BYOWhatever makes you happy!

* Costumes Highly Encouraged!! (but dress for the Texas woods in Summer… Watch out for poison ivy!)

* Be ready to get your groove on & meditate to the death!

* Sorry, NO DOGS

Suggested donation is $8 advance, $10 at the door
Sliding scale. No one will be turned away.
See our crowdfunding page for advance tickets:

Location will be announced the day of the event. Inside Austin city limits.

Limited camping space is available for select guests by prior arrangement – contact one of the hosts.

If you’d like to perform, display artwork, live paint, or share any other amazing talents with this wonderful city, please email or facebook Laura