Meditation Deathmatch may be too intense for some viewers. Pregnant women, the elderly, and postmodern philosophers under the age of 13 should avoid prolonged exposure.

Pay no attention to the elephant in the center of the arena. Thinking about Meditation Deathmatch or elephants during your home practice constitutes acceptance of this agreement.

Meditation Deathmatch and its crew members are not responsible for premature chakral activation, sudden astral projection syndrome, accidents due to levitation, onset of latent mutant abilities, quitting your job and slacking off, contact with preterhuman intelligences, and any other effects not listed.

Bodhi Tree sold separately.

Contains a substantial amount of non-tobacco ingredients.

Side effects may include a decrease in heart rate, sweating, partial rainbow body, metaprogramming and other sixth circuit activity, inappropriate outbreaks of compassion, difficulty with breathing exercises, decalcification of the pineal gland, ego death, sudden dolphin fixation, wearing large crystals and insisting that people call you “Begonia”, power over machine spirits, loss of indoor voice, and detachment from primate politics.