Help bring Meditation DeathMatch to the 2015 Voice & Exit Festival!

Two lucky contestants will each win a *full 2-day pass* to
the 2015 Voice & Exit Festival…

And they will showdown in a competition for the title of Meditation DeathMatch CyberMonk!

Sponsor yourself or someone else by either adding your bid as a
comment on this thread…
or privately message it to us to remain anonymous.

This auction will last until 3:33am on Wednesday June 17th, 2015

Each ticket retails for $397, but there is no minimum bid here
(although the two highest bidders still win)!
__About Voice & Exit__

Voice & Exit is a hybrid, 4-part conference experience comprised of Seeds, Sprouts, Blooms and Harvest.

Featured participants include:

David Starfire – World Bass Music
CAPYAC – Surreal Future Disco
Jamie Wheal – The Biology of Bliss
Alex Tabarrok – Imagining a World Without Borders
Jeffrey Tucker – How Peer-to-Peer Tech is Liberating Us
Jack Kruse – Biohacking the Modern World
Magatte Wade – Poor People Want Startups
Dylan Evans – My Experiment with Utopia
Jim Epstein – The Revolution Will Definitely Be Televised
Brian J. Robertson – From Hierarchy to Holacracy
and more…

Meditation DeathMatch will be featured in the Blooms section, during the night of Saturday, June 20th