itchy-O, Total Unicorn, Rusty Lazer, Wino Vino, Attic Ted, Pop Noir Sound System & The Ratty Scurvics Singularity @ The Honeycomb Hideout


Online tickets are available in advance starting at $15, currently @ $25… the price will increase as we run out of space for people on the Mothership!
*purchase tickets here online*


Total Unicorn
Rusty Lazer
Wino Vino
Attic Ted
Pop Noir Sound System
The Ratty Scurvics Singularity

Location Revealed!
The Honeycomb Hideout is located just South of the Circuit of the Americas Formula 1 Racetrack… take 183 South of Austin & take the first left past SH-130… 10107 Bock Rd., Mustang Ridge, TX 78610
…fyi, google maps street view shows 10107 @ 14316 Bock Rd,-97.6656909,3a,75y,180h,90t/data=!3m6!1e1!3m4!1suBJdRDWyauzxxfzf3cHjmw!2e0!7i13312!8i6656

The parking lots are @ 10200A & 10201 Bock Rd… the next two driveways to the right, just past the event.

Please carpool with a designated driver, to conserve space and stay safe (designated drivers get a window seat on the Mothership)!

BYOB in a cooler & a picnic basket of provisions… epic pool party begins @ 7:09pm… remember your towel!

This is your opportunity to get on board when the mothership returns… amidst judeo-xtian revelatons of the apocalyptic blood moon tetrad & the newage appropriation of pseudo-science evolution into the gamma wave x fifth dimensional ascension…

“During times of difficulty or danger, in whom do you put your trust?”

Help bring Meditation DeathMatch to the 2015 Voice & Exit Festival!

Two lucky contestants will each win a *full 2-day pass* to
the 2015 Voice & Exit Festival…

And they will showdown in a competition for the title of Meditation DeathMatch CyberMonk!

Sponsor yourself or someone else by either adding your bid as a
comment on this thread…
or privately message it to us to remain anonymous.

This auction will last until 3:33am on Wednesday June 17th, 2015

Each ticket retails for $397, but there is no minimum bid here
(although the two highest bidders still win)!
__About Voice & Exit__

Voice & Exit is a hybrid, 4-part conference experience comprised of Seeds, Sprouts, Blooms and Harvest.

Featured participants include:

David Starfire – World Bass Music
CAPYAC – Surreal Future Disco
Jamie Wheal – The Biology of Bliss
Alex Tabarrok – Imagining a World Without Borders
Jeffrey Tucker – How Peer-to-Peer Tech is Liberating Us
Jack Kruse – Biohacking the Modern World
Magatte Wade – Poor People Want Startups
Dylan Evans – My Experiment with Utopia
Jim Epstein – The Revolution Will Definitely Be Televised
Brian J. Robertson – From Hierarchy to Holacracy
and more…

Meditation DeathMatch will be featured in the Blooms section, during the night of Saturday, June 20th

Eeyore’s LATE NIGHT Honeypot…

Do you have what it takes to be a cyber monk? Preliminary membership applications available tonight at this invite only event…




Hot Mess Circus Productions brings to you another night of excitement, debauchery, and spectacular performances!!! Come reminisce as you experience the Hundred Acre Wood of our childhoods in a whole new way!


This is a ‘By Invite Only’ event this time, so if you have received an invitation, we hold your person in high regard!


Features to look forward to on this magical evening will include…


-BBQ/cookout, starting at 6pm

-Meditation DeathMatch

-An early evening fire performance

-One very sexy Midnight Variety show


Performers to be Expected;

Alie Rose

Alyssa Starfox

Breeze Shephard

ChestHair the Clown

Geoff Krum

Juli Hoop

Madam Mesmer

Taylor Van Valkenburg

Travis Shade


Music Makers to Include;

Blunt Force




This is a BYOB event, and we invite everyone to stay safe and spend the night. Come make some epic memories with us once again!


Location will be announced on the day of…

PAN.THEO.SYNTHESIS :: Crowdsourced Mysticism On-the-fly :: experiments in esoteric do-ocracy :: Halloween 2014


Featuring: Meditation Deathmatch, Costume Contest, Art Market & Visual Music!

get adv tix ▷

In December of 2012 a strange signal came to our attention. Its quite jumbled but as we learned how to decode and separate it better a story began to emerge. There are multiple voices and some disagreement between them, but we’ve started to get a basic outline. It seems that some time in the not so distant future, people start to be able to change themselves in new and dramatic ways. Some people get really tall, some short. Furries start growing tails, sex change operations no longer require a doctor, ravers get skin that glows and flashes to music, and a lot of people get very, very smart. We don’t know how it gets started. Some think its alien technology, or divine intervention, or a genetic engineering supersoldier virus that got loose. However it starts, the transformation builds as people use their new abilities to expand what’s possible. Many amazing and wonderful things come out of this, but there is quite a bit of trouble as well, and at some point we barely escape total annihilation. After that… a way is found to send a signal back – it takes a great effort. We can not contact any time we want and the message comes out in a big mess, but having received the transmission we know it works. The meaning of it seems to be this: Get Ready!

Come and join us this October 31st and show us the SuperMutant you plan to be when these events unfold.

LINE^ in alpha order.

Cactus Bath
Christian Barbuto
Erika Maassen
Ex Stus
John Gomi 
Josh Meredith 
Michael Garfield
PopNoir Soundsystem
Sole Glow Collective
Sunray Project 

Darren Minke
Josh Meredith
Paul Baker
Michael Garfield
Rob Hybrid

Juli Hoop
KD Kinetic
Sangre Del Sol

New geodesic domes and stage placement has been configured. Land & venue is being prepared. Wood is being gathered for the burn. What will you be for Halloween?

Guarantee entrance to PAN.THEO.SYNTHESIS by RSVPing and purchasing Tickets in advance.
Prices increase as supply decreases.

If you want to participate in Meditation Deathmatch &/or the Costume Contest you must purchase an Exemplar Pass.

* Location (inside Austin city limits) will be announced the day of the event. It will be held outdoors, so prepare for a survivalist adventure!

* Limited camping space is available for select guests by prior arrangement – contact one of the hosts.
* 18+ only
* Sorry, NO DOGS
* Be ready to get your groove on & meditate to the death!

* If you’d like to perform, display artwork, live paint, or share any other amazing talents with our wonderful city, let us know!

This event can be found mirrored elsewhere online…

Heading to Burning Man, crowdfunding page update

Meditation Deathmatch is headed out to Burning Man today. We have a new video up and some cool necklaces, orbs, and tentacles.

Please support us by checking out our stuff and sharing our link

Inauguration of the Thunder-OM

Join us August 1st from 9pm until dawn for Inauguration of the Thunder-OM: A Burning Man Themed Dance Party A Celebration of the births of Laura Ruby and Jamie Jack and fundraiser for Meditation Deathmatch

$5 for parking, full cars free. to encourage carpooling and because we have limited space… otherwise, please park sparsely in the neighborhood & walk quietly & politely to our property 🙂

*** Fire Spinning ***
*** Aerial Silks ***
*** Meditation Deathmatch ***
*** Live Painting ***
*** Visuals by Rob Hybrid & Dr. Strangevibe***

Meditation Deathmatch is a game where we put EEG’s on two players to read their brainwaves. We ask them to show us their war faces. Then we find out who can relax harder.

This year will be the project’s first appearance at Burning Man. Proceeds from the event will go to set construction and transportation to the playa.

::::::::::::::::Music Line-Up::::::::::::::::::::::


* Sunray Project
9pm – 10pm

*PolyMyth (Omar Chow)
10pm – 11pm

* Beeble Steepler (Jared Buchbaum)
11 pm- 12 pm

* Mr. Boogie Bones
12 pm- 1 am

*Maestro (Michael Matson)

* Buck Fuddy
1:15am – 2:30am-ish

* Ram-Z
2:30am-ish – ?

Om Shan Tea Lounge:

We have transformed an old shack into a magical tea lounge where there will be sexy, mellow music and a beautiful goddess serving up some tasty tea!!

* Erika Maassen & Rhonda Roberts vs. You’ns & The All Y’alls
9pm – 10pm

*The Wave Farmers
10pm – 12am

*Jason McKenzie (Percussion), Exstus (Guitar), Omid (Didgeridoo), and friends jam sesh
12pm – ?


*This is in the woods, there are mosquitos! Bring your hippy spray or bust out the deet, them suckas ain’t playin!

*There are also plants that want to make you itchy and give you rashes. Please stay on the paths and don’t go on a magical adventure behind the caution tape or into dark, heavily wooded areas.

* 18+ only

* BYOWhatever makes you happy!

* Costumes Highly Encouraged!! (but dress for the Texas woods in Summer… Watch out for poison ivy!)

* Be ready to get your groove on & meditate to the death!

* Sorry, NO DOGS

Suggested donation is $8 advance, $10 at the door
Sliding scale. No one will be turned away.
See our crowdfunding page for advance tickets:

Location will be announced the day of the event. Inside Austin city limits.

Limited camping space is available for select guests by prior arrangement – contact one of the hosts.

If you’d like to perform, display artwork, live paint, or share any other amazing talents with this wonderful city, please email or facebook Laura

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