PAN.THEO.SYNTHESIS :: Crowdsourced Mysticism On-the-fly :: experiments in esoteric do-ocracy :: Halloween 2014


Featuring: Meditation Deathmatch, Costume Contest, Art Market & Visual Music!

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In December of 2012 a strange signal came to our attention. Its quite jumbled but as we learned how to decode and separate it better a story began to emerge. There are multiple voices and some disagreement between them, but we’ve started to get a basic outline. It seems that some time in the not so distant future, people start to be able to change themselves in new and dramatic ways. Some people get really tall, some short. Furries start growing tails, sex change operations no longer require a doctor, ravers get skin that glows and flashes to music, and a lot of people get very, very smart. We don’t know how it gets started. Some think its alien technology, or divine intervention, or a genetic engineering supersoldier virus that got loose. However it starts, the transformation builds as people use their new abilities to expand what’s possible. Many amazing and wonderful things come out of this, but there is quite a bit of trouble as well, and at some point we barely escape total annihilation. After that… a way is found to send a signal back – it takes a great effort. We can not contact any time we want and the message comes out in a big mess, but having received the transmission we know it works. The meaning of it seems to be this: Get Ready!

Come and join us this October 31st and show us the SuperMutant you plan to be when these events unfold.

LINE^ in alpha order.

Cactus Bath
Christian Barbuto
Erika Maassen
Ex Stus
John Gomi 
Josh Meredith 
Michael Garfield
PopNoir Soundsystem
Sole Glow Collective
Sunray Project 

Darren Minke
Josh Meredith
Paul Baker
Michael Garfield
Rob Hybrid

Juli Hoop
KD Kinetic
Sangre Del Sol

New geodesic domes and stage placement has been configured. Land & venue is being prepared. Wood is being gathered for the burn. What will you be for Halloween?

Guarantee entrance to PAN.THEO.SYNTHESIS by RSVPing and purchasing Tickets in advance.
Prices increase as supply decreases.

If you want to participate in Meditation Deathmatch &/or the Costume Contest you must purchase an Exemplar Pass.

* Location (inside Austin city limits) will be announced the day of the event. It will be held outdoors, so prepare for a survivalist adventure!

* Limited camping space is available for select guests by prior arrangement – contact one of the hosts.
* 18+ only
* Sorry, NO DOGS
* Be ready to get your groove on & meditate to the death!

* If you’d like to perform, display artwork, live paint, or share any other amazing talents with our wonderful city, let us know!

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