itchy-O, Total Unicorn, Rusty Lazer, Wino Vino, Attic Ted, Pop Noir Sound System & The Ratty Scurvics Singularity @ The Honeycomb Hideout


Online tickets are available in advance starting at $15, currently @ $25… the price will increase as we run out of space for people on the Mothership!
*purchase tickets here online*


Total Unicorn
Rusty Lazer
Wino Vino
Attic Ted
Pop Noir Sound System
The Ratty Scurvics Singularity

Location Revealed!
The Honeycomb Hideout is located just South of the Circuit of the Americas Formula 1 Racetrack… take 183 South of Austin & take the first left past SH-130… 10107 Bock Rd., Mustang Ridge, TX 78610
…fyi, google maps street view shows 10107 @ 14316 Bock Rd,-97.6656909,3a,75y,180h,90t/data=!3m6!1e1!3m4!1suBJdRDWyauzxxfzf3cHjmw!2e0!7i13312!8i6656

The parking lots are @ 10200A & 10201 Bock Rd… the next two driveways to the right, just past the event.

Please carpool with a designated driver, to conserve space and stay safe (designated drivers get a window seat on the Mothership)!

BYOB in a cooler & a picnic basket of provisions… epic pool party begins @ 7:09pm… remember your towel!

This is your opportunity to get on board when the mothership returns… amidst judeo-xtian revelatons of the apocalyptic blood moon tetrad & the newage appropriation of pseudo-science evolution into the gamma wave x fifth dimensional ascension…

“During times of difficulty or danger, in whom do you put your trust?”