Eeyore’s LATE NIGHT Honeypot…

Do you have what it takes to be a cyber monk? Preliminary membership applications available tonight at this invite only event…




Hot Mess Circus Productions brings to you another night of excitement, debauchery, and spectacular performances!!! Come reminisce as you experience the Hundred Acre Wood of our childhoods in a whole new way!


This is a ‘By Invite Only’ event this time, so if you have received an invitation, we hold your person in high regard!


Features to look forward to on this magical evening will include…


-BBQ/cookout, starting at 6pm

-Meditation DeathMatch

-An early evening fire performance

-One very sexy Midnight Variety show


Performers to be Expected;

Alie Rose

Alyssa Starfox

Breeze Shephard

ChestHair the Clown

Geoff Krum

Juli Hoop

Madam Mesmer

Taylor Van Valkenburg

Travis Shade


Music Makers to Include;

Blunt Force




This is a BYOB event, and we invite everyone to stay safe and spend the night. Come make some epic memories with us once again!


Location will be announced on the day of…