Year: 2014

PAN.THEO.SYNTHESIS :: Crowdsourced Mysticism On-the-fly :: experiments in esoteric do-ocracy :: Halloween 2014

Featuring: Meditation Deathmatch, Costume Contest, Art Market & Visual Music! get adv tix ▷ In December of 2012 a strange signal came to our attention. Its quite jumbled but as we learned how to decode and separate it better

Heading to Burning Man, crowdfunding page update

Meditation Deathmatch is headed out to Burning Man today. We have a new video up and some cool necklaces, orbs, and tentacles. Please support us by checking out our stuff and sharing our link

Inauguration of the Thunder-OM

Join us August 1st from 9pm until dawn for Inauguration of the Thunder-OM: A Burning Man Themed Dance Party A Celebration of the births of Laura Ruby and Jamie Jack and fundraiser for Meditation Deathmatch $5 for parking, full cars

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